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Let me keep it real I’m not the one to cloud the facts

I would not be where I’m at if it were not for max 


He that boogie down Jew with the look me up swag 

Shipping packs back to east coast and eating off of that 


He’s a 6 foot 7 maybe 7 foot 6 

Got the vyvance scrips he might die without it 


Gotta hit the gas station for the sour straw fix

Smoke a cigarette with Reggie got no grabba in the mix 


Call him M-a-x 

all the ladies want sex but he’s busy getting checks moving on to whats next 


He’s the one with the writing prowess 

solid or the runs

Homie Gotta keep the H to keep it safer for his bum 


Catch him on the carnival free drinks for all 

If you catch him in las Vegas best believe he’d lose it all 


Gangsta limp into the function with a stogie on his breath 

got the sexy LA women always pullin out they breasts


He once traveled to Tibet and got to meet the dalai lama

And the lama called him mista dollas mr count the commas

Max can travel back in time he actually wrote the sutra kama and he also fucked ur momma now it’s really time for drama 


He’s a being of celestial and cosmic wave proportions 

He can write a killer hook 

And he’s pro choice about abortions 


He get busy with the business and get freaky bout the facts 

He can be rather introspective when he’s speaking on a track 


When it comes to watching movies know he likes a raunchy comedy 

He keeps the TV on the sitcoms running almost constantly 


Sometime rude but he always comes thru

He the type to help u do it

He a really solid dude 

And he always making music more than anyone I know 

Got more talent than ur body in his fingers and his toes 


Like a rocket he can take off 

Dripping A1 steak sauce 

U know He ripped the bank off 

Got more cash than Bernie madoff


What it do

Lanky ass Jew 

Dripping he more cleaner than yo stanky ass too 

Let the man through let the bank account boom 

Highest in the room he don’t regret that tattoo