Go New York

Go New York, Go

Go New York

Go New York, Go


New York sports bitch I ball like Derek jeter 

Loose screw in my head this shorty tricking off the meter

If u talking rings then it’s more than 26 I’m too NewYork I’m too disrespect I tell you suck my dick


A-rod just disgraced my city 

Oh well J-lo still come with me 

Back then I was taxing i make Money 

Stand up everything I say too funny 


I’m from the gritty city so I love the rangers too

Yeah I’m 50/50 but the blood in my vein blue 

Talkin bout the town this mother fucker must be kidding 

Call my grabba Red Bull’s Nyc the way that it be kicking 


I let a bitch down like the knicks 

If you see me sitting court side don’t take pics 

We just on the kiss cam, why you suck dick? 

You can step off my ice bitch I feel like Lundqvist


I’m a real New Yorker I don’t watch the fuckin nets 

If you really bout it better say it with your chest 

You talking all that shit so u got me mad vexed 

why you talking all that shit u need to say less


Post game interview they made I stay rapping 

Captain gave me mad shit I missed practice  

I’m on stage but you know I hate acting 

Other than my Yankee fitted cap it’s no caping 


Go New York

Go New York, Go

Go New York

Go New York, Go

Go New York

Go New York, Go

Go New York

Go New York, Go


I’m comin home ballin like I’m hoodie melo 

Classy fellow sipping yellow smoking amaretto

shorty on her elbow booty shaking like it’s jello 

U can try to shoot the ones you finna take the L tho

Slim babe Ruth but they call me babe boof 

Why the fuck you saying thank you I just stained you 

Full house, you got it dude 

I make, a lot of moves 

Feel like a prostitute, I love, a lot of you 


Call me Jay Barrett 

Ball like RJ Barrett 

Gotta thank my older brothers for the style that I inherit 

Youse a fuckin rat and at the most you just a parrot 

Hit you with the Crawford cross up finna leave your ass embarrassed 


And my new girl a Knicks city dancer 

Ima smoke til the shit gimme cancer 

I be fly in the sky like I’m prancer 

You a rat at the worst I’m a hamster 


You just chattin shit you bat shit you Gettin back from me

Yankee cap fit its mad drip on my anatomy 

Call me AI I practice and hone my faculties 

You be mad at me I’m Lactose and I still Stack the cheese


I’m on the jumbotron, they don’t know the drugs I’m on

I’m getting sponsored by the Nike’s and the Under Arms

We some winners but I know you fuck with underdogs

I ain’t taking no more chops I’m out the lumberyard 


Go New York

Go New York, Go

Go New York

Go New York, Go

Go New York

Go New York, Go

Go New York

Go New York, Go